Trending Afro Fade Haircuts Every Man Must Try

Afro Fade

The afro fade is a stylish men s haircut with tightly curled coils on top and short, blended sides. The taper usually starts from the temples, adding a striking contrast to the voluminous afro.

Low Fade Afro

A low fade afro suits black men looking for a neat, manageable style. Start the fade above the brow for a subtle blend, or raise it higher for a dramatic look. Shaved designs and a connected beard add a modern edge.

Mid Fade Afro

The mid fade afro offers a balanced look with clean sides and a fluffy afro top. This style highlights the natural texture of black hair, framing the face and emphasizing the jawline. Add a sleek line-up for structure.

Afro Taper Fade

An afro taper fade features short, tapered sides with a longer afro top. This cut pairs well with sponged curls for a unique look. Gradual tapering and an edge-up create sharp lines and focus on the afro.

Curly Afro with Temp Fade

A curly afro with a temple fade is trendy and easy to manage. The skin temp fade adds definition to the poofy top. Hydrate your curls and twist strands for volume. Blend the fade into the skin for a clean finish.

High Fade Afro

A high fade afro has faded sides starting near the temples or above the ears, contrasting with the longer top. The fuller afro adds height, while buzzed sides create visual interest. Fluff your afro and add a beard for balance.

Curly Afro Taper Fade

A curly afro with a taper fade creates sleek contours along the sides for a polished look. Sponged curls add natural volume. Trim the curls into a rounded shape and keep the fade pronounced for modern depth.

Thick Afro Fade with Line Up

A thick afro fade gets crisp edges from a sleek line-up. Avoid buzzing the sides to maintain a retro aesthetic. Let the fade blend into the sideburns and beard for a cohesive look.

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