This Is the Largest Bear to Ever Exist

Size of Arctotherium angustidens

Estimates suggest A. angustidens weighed between 900 to 2,645 pounds and stood 11 to 14 feet tall, potentially making it the largest carnivorous land mammal.

Discovery of Gigantic Specimen

A particularly large A. angustidens individual was found in Buenos Aires, indicating potential weights of 2,167 to 4,502 pounds.

Distribution of A. angustidens

Fossils were first discovered in South America, with the species likely confined to the Southern Cone region.

Timeline of Existence

Belonging to the Pleistocene to Holocene era, A. angustidens lived approximately 2 million to 10,000 years ago.

Causes of Extinction

Extinction likely resulted from dwindling prey and increased competition, notably from humans.

Largest Living Bear: Polar Bears

Polar bears are recognized as the largest bears today, with males reaching up to 990 pounds and 10 feet tall.

Second Largest Bear: Kodiak Bears

Kodiak bears, a subspecies of brown bears, are isolated in the Kodiak Archipelago and can weigh over 2,000 pounds.

Kamchatka Brown Bear

This Eurasian subspecies can weigh up to 1,430 pounds and is found primarily in the Kamchatka Peninsula.