These Smells Attract Snakes To Your Yard

Snakes really like to eat mice and rats. They're always looking for food, so if your yard has lots of rodents, snakes will come looking for them there.

Rodent Droppings

Sure thing! Having citrus trees might not directly draw snakes (some people think citrus keeps them away, but it doesn't), but having citrus trees can bring in mice and rats. These critters love to munch on the fruits.

More About Rodent Droppings

Just like when mice leave their poop behind, when birds leave their droppings, it can also bring snakes to your yard. Some snakes like to eat bird eggs, so if they catch the smell of birds around

Bird Droppings

Even though there isn't a lot you can do to solve this problem, you can at least stay away from things like bird feeders and especially bird baths. Bird baths, especially, can bring snakes to your yard

More About Bird Droppings

Lots of snakes that live in water or near it really like the smell of fish or animals like toads and frogs. So, if your yard has water spots like ponds or damp places like gardens with lots of plants

Amphibians and Fish

Snakes like to surprise their food by quietly moving along until they smell something tasty, then they pounce! If you have a pond in your yard, you can make it less attractive to snakes by keeping the water moving

More About Amphibians and Fish

Snakes like to be around other snakes because of their smell, called pheromones. So, if you have a lot of snakes in your yard, it's more likely that even more snakes will come.

Snake Pheromones

Snakes can come to your yard for various reasons, not just because of smells. Here are some other things that might bring them there.

Keeping Snakes Out of Your Yard