These are the 9 Biggest Cat breeds in the World

Maine Coons are some of the biggest domestic cats, weighing up to 20 pounds and measuring up to 40 inches. Fun fact: they yowl instead of meowing.

Maine Coon

Persian cats weigh around 12 pounds and have a plush coat that makes them appear larger. They are laid back and intelligent, but need daily grooming.


Savannah cats are a mix of domesticated cats and African Servals. The tallest on record was 19.05 inches tall. Their wild ancestry makes their size vary.

Savannah Cat

Weighing up to 22 pounds, Norwegian Forest Cats have a thick coat and large paws. They’re inspired by Norwegian legends and are one-of-a-kind companions.

Norwegian Forest Cat

Turkish Vans weigh between 9 to 20 pounds and love water. They have a pure white body with a uniquely colored tail and can have blue or amber eyes.

Turkish Van

Ragdolls can weigh up to 20 pounds and have big blue eyes and soft coats. They're laid-back, people-loving, and perfect family cats with charming natures.


Ragamuffins, descendants of Ragdolls, weigh around 20 pounds. They have rabbit-like fur and come in many colors, capturing hearts with their adorable appearance.


Chausies, a cross between wild jungle cats and domestic cats, can weigh up to 25 pounds. They are social, agile, and happiest with a consistent routine.


British Shorthairs are robust and muscular, often weighing between 9 to 18 pounds. Known for their round faces and dense coats, they are friendly and calm.

British Shorthair