These Are The 7 Weight-Loss Workouts for Seniors

Water aerobics

Water aerobics has grown in popularity over the past few years as an exercise option for people of all ages, but especially for seniors. Because the buoyancy of the water relieves joint stress, exercising in the water is perfect for people with arthritis and other types of joint pain.

Chair yoga

Chair yoga is a low-impact activity that enhances muscle strength, mobility, balance, and flexibility all vital health features for seniors much like water aerobics.

Resistance band workouts

Rubber bands that stretch to provide resistance to exercises while putting less strain on the body are called resistance bands. Exercises with resistance bands are simple to use and accessible to newcomers.


Pilates is a well-liked, low-impact fitness program that dates back a century. Pilates exercises emphasize breathing, posture, focus, and core strength. They usually use mats and pilates balls.


Walking is one of the easiest and least stressful types of exercise. Individual seniors have different walking distance and step targets since some seniors find walking more difficult than others.

Body weight workouts

For elderly persons, muscle loss can be catastrophic and incapacitating. Severe muscle loss affects about one-third of seniors, and it can cause hormone issues, a decline in protein metabolism, and other issues.

Dumbbell strength training

Research indicates that engaging in strength training can help control your weight and reduce the symptoms of melancholy, osteoporosis, diabetes, and back discomfort. Moreover, strength training increases metabolism and improves glucose regulation.