The States Where Moms Get the Most Peace and Quiet

Mothers worldwide are celebrated for their nurturing and selfless nature, often prioritizing their children's needs over their own. This daily commitment and sacrifice define their extraordinary role.

Mothers’ Selflessness:

While Mother’s Day highlights moms' efforts, showing appreciation more frequently is equally important. Small gestures throughout the year can help recognize and honor their continuous hard work.

Beyond Mother’s Day:

Giving moms time to enjoy their favorite activities, like sipping coffee or playing Solitaire, is a meaningful way to show we care. Simple moments of solitude can significantly enhance their well-being.

Valuing Mom’s Free Time:

Solitaire Bliss surveyed moms nationwide about their free time, satisfaction levels, and preferred activities. These insights were used to rank states where moms experience the most and least peace and quiet.

Survey on Peace and Quiet:

Minnesota moms enjoy the most peace, with 9.7 hours of free time weekly and a satisfaction score of 94.8. They feel they get more alone time compared to other states.

Minnesota Leads in Tranquility:

Kansas ranks lowest in peace and quiet, with moms averaging only 6.1 hours of free time per week. This limited alone time results in lower satisfaction levels among Kansas mothers.

Kansas Moms Struggle:

Nearly half of all moms (42%) desire more free time. Many manage their busy lives with less than two hours of personal time weekly, highlighting a significant challenge for mothers.

Wish for More Time:

Half of the surveyed moms wish their partners helped more with chores. Despite this, 70% prefer doing tasks themselves rather than asking for assistance, indicating a need for more proactive support from families.

Need for Spousal Support: