The 9 Hairstyles That Make You Look Older, According to Stylists

The sole exception may be a sleek, middle-part low-bun, which is now quite popular and may look great with edgy makeup or clothing.

Tight, stiff hairdos

Certain shorter haircuts might make you seem older, particularly if your hair structure is thicker.

Blunt, short haircuts

Shiny, middle-parted, straight hair may make a lasting impression wherever you go.

Extremely long hair

However, if not done correctly, you might end up with a not-so-youthful and very aging style for months to come.

Thick and blunt bang

Meanwhile, the same guideline applies to both thin and short styles. She warns that wispy bangs might age you since they "tend to emphasize the lack of volume on thin hair.

Thin and short bangs

As we age, our hair begins to lose its natural thickness, therefore there's no purpose in maintaining a hairstyle that highlights these imperfections.

Flat hair

However, don't go too far in attempting to make your hair seem less flat. Kabbabe adds that teasing is also an outmoded fad that might make you appear older.

Teased hair

These tend to date your appearance, especially if your natural mane is on the thin side.Instead, choose for thick layers that frame your face and allow the rest of your head to flow.

Wispy layers

Beachy waves and twisted hair may be a fun style when you're younger. However, as you age, these "air-dried" textures can make your hair appear dry and untidy.

Air-dried hair