The 9 Common Everyday Scents That Cats Can t Stand

Citrus odors, whether from oranges, lemons, mandarins, limes, or grapefruits, are not to cats' tastes. These scents can often be too strong for their delicate nostrils to handle.

Citrus scents

For humans, it may work well as a cleaning agent, but cats don't seem to agree. Our feline pals find the strong smell of vinegar offensive and may flee to a more hygienic place.


Cats disagree, even if these plants might provide our houses a lovely smell. Their smells are repulsive to most cats, which makes them great deterrents in areas you wish to keep cat-free.

Lavender, geranium, and eucalyptus

Cats are naturally territorial creatures. They become agitated and stressed when they smell a strange cat because it indicates an invasion of their territory. They may become protective as a result of the unfamiliar smell making them feel threatened.

The smell of foreign cats

It may surprise you to learn that odors we typically associate with freshness, like menthol, mint, and wintergreen, can also put cats off and make them flee in search of less strong air.

Minty aromas

Cats' delicate nostrils may react negatively to the scents of pine and cedar. Although these scents can mask unpleasant smells for us humans, our animal companions don't seem to think the same way.

Pine and cedar scents

It's odd that cats don't like the pleasant fragrance of bananas, despite the fact that some people adore it. The sweet scent may be too much for these inquisitive animals to handle.

Banana scent

Strong spice smells are also strongly disliked by our feline companions. They have sensitive nostrils, so scents like pepper, spice, and cinnamon can easily bother them. Although we may find these spicy spices appealing, our beloved cats may become distressed by the strong scent.

Spicy aromas

Cats also tend to dislike the smell of coffee. Cats find the strong scent in the mornings too strong for their delicate sense of smell, even if we may love it. This is because they have a far more developed sense of smell than we have.

Coffee odor