The 9 Best Hairstyles For Women Over 50

The lob (a portmanteau of long bob ) is a straightforward, easy-to-style hairstyle for ladies who seek volume and definition.

Classic lob

Layered bobs offer texture, volume, and movement with shorter layers at the nape and longer ones at the front. 

Layered bob

A chin-length bob ends just below your chin. It highlights your jawline and suits thicker hair and round and heart-shaped faces.

Chin-length bob

Shoulder-length waves aren't only for influencers this gorgeous look suits any age. It's best to have wavy hair, although this style is easy to achieve. 

Shoulder-length waves

If you want a shorter cut, a textured crop creates texture, fullness, and modest movement by cutting your hair close to your head at different lengths and angles. 

Textured crop

You want a sleek, shiny shoulder-length cut with clean, straight lines and minimum layers.

Sleek lob

A softer, more feminine version of the standard pixie cut, soft pixies preserve more length on the top and sides. 

Soft pixie cut

Asymmetrical bobs are suitable for elderly ladies who want a fresh appearance without a significant change. They look fantastic with wavy or straight hair.

Asymmetrical bob

A textured fringe may quickly renew your look and bring attention to your eyes, especially if you have long, thinning front layers.

Textured fringe