The 8 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Happiness

Psychology Today notes that happiness isn't only about smiling and rainbows all the time. It's about feeling happy and contented even in the worst of times. Emotions ranging from melancholy to rage to irritation are all entirely acceptable and are part of the human experience, just like joy.

Happiness means being cheerful all the time

While a dream vacation or a brand-new car can bring momentary thrills, real happiness isn't derived from material belongings. We eventually become accustomed to what we have, which causes us to always seek out "more." True happiness originates internally.

 You need external things to be happy

Many times, we view happiness as something we'll accomplish "someday" after we land the ideal job, meet the right person, etc. However, happiness is a process rather than a final goal. It can be discovered in accepting each moment as it is, flaws and all.

Happiness is a final destination

Happiness is a spectrum state. It's not enough to simply be "happy" or "unhappy"; there's a wide spectrum of emotions in between. You experience tremendous contentment at times, merely ok at others, and struggles occasionally. 

You're either happy or you re not

Our society places a great deal of value on happiness, which might cause us to blame ourselves when we're not feeling good all the time. However, difficulties are a natural and healthy part of life, and they should not be avoided. 

If you re not happy, something is wrong with you

According to Everyday Health, the pressure to maintain an optimistic attitude toxic positivity can be detrimental. Negative feelings do not magically disappear if you force yourself to repress them.

You should always look on the bright side

Relying on friends, family, or relationships to bring you happiness is a common mistake. But if you attribute all of your happiness to outside forces, you'll never be satisfied and you'll be unfairly placing pressure on the people you love. Authentic joy originates from discovering fulfillment inside oneself.

Other people are responsible for your happiness

Though some people seem happy by nature, happiness is more than just good fortune. Prioritizing your well-being requires work, practice, and a deliberate decision. Small decisions like cultivating an attitude of thankfulness.

Happiness just happens to some people