The 8 Most Expensive Dog Breeds in the World

English bulldog ($4,250)

When recounting their most memorable events, National Dog Show hosts recall Thor, a bulldog. This cute flat-faced dog breed with its bold and appealing stride won viewers.

French bulldog ($4,250)

You won't have to go to the groomer as often, which may save you money, but those enticing wrinkles need daily cleaning and drying.

Tibetan mastiff ($4,000)

If dogs were priced by weight, the Tibetan Mastiff would be a top contender. Big Splash, a red Tibetan mastiff, is the most expensive dog ever sold.

Chow chow ($4,000)

With an enormous fluffy face, this authentic Chinese dog breed has a lot of unique features befitting an expensive dog breed, including a cool, dark blue-purple tongue.

Samoyed ($3,750)

This cute, fluffy Russian dog is one of the most costly breeds, noted for its infectious grin. In addition to capturing our hearts, that grin is functional.

Biewer terrier ($3,500)

Although unrelated to beavers, Biewer is pronounced “beaver.” Their names honor their breeders, Gertrude and Werner Biewer.

Portuguese ($3,500)

An cute, low-shedding curly puppy is hard to resist. Those incentives may have brought two Portuguese water dogs to the White House.

Greater Swiss ($3,450)

The Rottweiler and Saint Bernard can thank their Great Swiss mountain dog (aka Swissy) ancestors for helping to develop their breeds.