The 8 Best Movies Coming to Netflix in May

The Edge of Seventeen (May 1)

In this coming-of-age comedy, Hailee Steinfeld portrays high schooler Nadine, who dislikes school except for hanging out with her closest friend, Krista (Haley Lu Richardson). 

The Equalizer (May 1)

Here, he plays an ex-Marine living a quiet life in Boston until helping a teen who is entangled in the Russian mafia turns him into a vigilante with a unique set of skills to unleash revenge on his opponents.

Jumanji (May 1)

This iconic 1995 family action comedy stars Robin Williams as a guy stuck in a board game since childhood. Finally freed by two youngsters (Kirsten Dunst and Bradley Pierce)

Liar Liar (May 1)

Jim Carrey is at the height of his physical comedy talents in this movie, where he plays a lawyer who can no longer lie after his son makes a birthday wish.

Ride Along (May 1)

Ben and James embark on a 24-hour patrol. James starts teasing Ben by placing him in manufactured settings, but they end up in real peril.

Traffic (May 1)

Steven Soderbergh won an Oscar for this gripping drama that looks at drug trade from the perspective of users, enforcers, politicians, and traffickers.

The Wedding Planner (May 1)

As a wedding planner, Lopez is now working with McConaughey, who is the most recent groom she has worked with. However, when they have feelings for one another

Unfrosted (May 3)

In addition to starring in this comedy, which is partly based on the invention of the Pop-Tart, Jerry Seinfeld is making his feature picture directorial debut.