The 7 Best Full-Body, No-Equipment Exercises, According to Trainers

Monica Straith, ACE-certified trainer and exercise lead at AlgaeCal, said that the bear crawl is a resistance move that makes your whole body work. Head, chest, upper arms, legs, back, and core will be worked out.

Bear Crawl

Trainer Jennifer Nagel, who is trained by ACE, says that push-ups work your center, chest, shoulders, and arms. "Push-ups will always be the most embarrassing thing.

Basic Push-Up

"This move pairs a bodyweight squat with a plyometric jump," said Sheri Saperstein, ACE-certified owner of Fire Up Fitness Studio. "It works your entire lower body, core, stability, coordination, balance, and cardio."

Squat Jump

"Lunges work major muscle groups all over your body, like your abs, glutes, hamstrings, and quads," said Bianca Grover, an ACE-certified trainer from Bianca Grover Fitness.

Lateral Lunge

Think of inchworms as modified burpees. They aren't quite as intense, but they'll still have you feeling the heat. "The fast-paced movement will get your heart rate up and help you to burn more calories during your session


This is one of Nicolas's best exercises that he can do with just his body. Coach Sarah Pelc Graca, NASM, said, "This move will work your arms, core, legs, and glutes all at the same time."


This cardio exercise comes with a variety of benefits, said ACE-certified trainer Lynell Ross: you'll improve your heart health and coordination while burning calories. Make sure you are engaging your abdominal muscles as each knee comes up to meet the hand.

High Knees