The 7 Best Flowering Plants to Attract Butterflies to Your Garden

It seems sense that aster flowers attract butterflies with their vibrant purple and pink blossoms. Plant asters in a position that receives full light and well-drained soil, and these perennials will bring avian pleasures


Butterfly-friendly yarrow provides a densely bloomed, luxuriant landing place. Even better: taking care of it is simple. While it can tolerate dry soil, yarrow is best planted in full sun. It's resistant to deer and will attract plenty


Butterfly lovers like this plant, as its name implies, because of its rich purple flowers. The one catch is that certain states now classify it as an invasive, so look for and purchase new "seedless" varieties of butterfly bushes

Butterfly Bush

Though the calming aroma of lavender seems to be endless, the lovely purple stalks attract butterflies to your yard as well. Lavender will increase the number of bees in your yard since it attracts all kinds of pollinators.


Coneflower makes the list if some flowers get all the attention. Songbirds and butterflies are drawn to the garden by its distinctive cone-shaped core surrounded by petals of pink, yellow, and orange.


This flower signals to butterflies with its stunning blooms of large spheres of vibrantly colored petals. Since alliums are linked to onions and garlic, many of the species have a mild aroma


Since the caterpillars of the monarch butterfly species exclusively consume milkweed, milkweed is essential to their existence. So choose your milkweed carefully to prevent planting the wrong kind of plant.

Native Milkweeds