Meet the 8 Most Famous Zoo Animals of All Time

Fiona (Hippo):

Prematurely born at Cincinnati Zoo, Fiona overcame odds to become a healthy hippo, now a local celebrity with plans for future companionship and a growing family.

Tilikum (Orca):

A SeaWorld star turned controversial figure, Tilikum's life sparked debates on orca captivity, ending in policy changes and his passing in 2013.

Joey (Otter):

Orphaned otter Joey gained online fame, helping Vancouver Aquarium through donations, now living happily with fellow otters under constant fan attention.

Sir Nils Olav (Penguin):

Edinburgh Zoo's honorary penguin, Sir Nils Olav holds a military title since 1961, symbolizing tradition and zoo community spirit.

Diego (Tortoise):

Diego, once at San Diego Zoo, revived his species on Galápagos Islands, achieving conservation goals before retiring to his native home.

Winter (Dolphin):

Rescued dolphin Winter, with a prosthetic tail, inspired films and captivated Clearwater Aquarium visitors until her recent passing in 2021.

Knut (Polar Bear):

Berlin Zoo's Knut, raised by zookeepers, became a global sensation before a tragic death from a rare disease at a young age.

Harambe (Gorilla):

Cincinnati Zoo's Harambe, involved in a controversial incident, sparked global discussion on zoo safety and animal welfare.