Legendary Actors Who Almost Lost Their Lives Filming

Charlize Theron

During "Aeon Flux," Charlize Theron attempted a backflip but landed on her neck, nearly causing paralysis.

Ed Harris

 Ed Harris reportedly punched James Cameron after a near-asphyxiation incident during "The Abyss" filming.

Martin Sheen

While intoxicated filming "Apocalypse Now," Martin Sheen suffered a heart attack in the jungle. 

Michael J Fox

Filming "Back to the Future Part III," Michael J Fox nearly strangled during a hanging scene gone wrong.

Aaron Paul

Aaron Paul dodged a falling boulder on "Breaking Bad." 

Halle Berry

 Halle Berry knocked herself out during a fight scene on "The Call" set.

Tom Hank

Tom Hanks contracted a life-threatening infection on "Cast Away" set. 

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise narrowly avoided injury in a car chase scene gone wrong on "Edge of Tomorrow."