Discover The 8 Friendliest Animals on the Planet

Dogs are very friendly, loyal, and affectionate. They form strong bonds with their owners, showering them with unconditional love and tail wags. 


Dolphins are extremely friendly and gregarious creatures. They roam in tight-knit family groupings and are extremely playful with one another. These acrobatic animals constantly appear to be smiling and talking. 


Cats are independent and devoted pets. Their fun and loving temperament make them ideal companions. Cats demonstrate unconditional affection and loyalty to their owners once they have formed a link. 


Horses are naturally gregarious and friendly. They are highly sensitive to human emotions and form tight bonds with their owners and handlers.


Sheep's mild and docile temperament makes them good friends for humans. Sheep are extremely intelligent and can identify specific faces. They are extremely gregarious and form strong bonds with one another.


Guinea pigs, or "cavies," are amiable, social animals that make excellent pets for both children and adults. Despite their name, guinea pigs are rodents that originated in South America.

Guinea Pigs

Rabbits are extremely sociable and amiable animals. Their adorable features and enthusiastic dispositions make them enjoyable to be around. They enjoy being groomed, cuddled, and played with.


The world's largest rodents are capybaras, who are friendly and gregarious. These semi-aquatic mammals are native to South America and spend much of their time in and around bodies of water, resting in the sun or munching on vegetation.