Canine Health and Wellness: A Guide for Dog Owners

Properly caring for your dog benefits both you and your pup. It contributes to their longevity, health, obedience, and overall happiness. 

Benefits of Proper Dog Care

Starting with the right veterinarian and investing in pet insurance are essential steps in keeping your dog healthy.

Prevention and Wellness Care

Vaccinating your dog protects them from common and potentially deadly diseases like rabies and distemper. Core vaccines include adenovirus, distemper.

What Vaccinations Does My Dog Need?

Vaccine schedules vary by age, typically requiring initial doses followed by boosters. Your veterinarian can provide specific guidance.

When Should I Give These Vaccines to My Dog?

Choosing a veterinarian involves researching their services, location, and expertise relevant to your dog's breed and health needs. 

How Do I Select the Best Vet?

Pet insurance helps manage veterinary costs, providing peace of mind in case of unexpected health issues. 

Should I Get Pet Insurance?

Moderate treat intake to 10% of daily calories. Choose dental treats for oral health, and avoid high-value treats.

Things You Need to Know About Dog Treats

Labels list ingredients by weight and offer nutritional insights. Look for high protein content suitable for your dog's life stage.

How to Understand Dog Food Labels

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