Best of Cannes: 8 Must-See Movies From the 2024 Festival


Sean Baker’s "Anora" subverts romance tropes with a gritty yet romantic tale of a New York stripper and a Russian oligarch's son, navigating love amidst societal challenges.

The Apprentice:

Ali Abbasi’s docudrama tracks Donald Trump's rise under Roy Cohn’s influence, showcasing Sebastian Stan’s portrayal and the transformation of Trump’s character over time.

Black Dog:

Guan Hu’s film noir depicts desperate characters in a dying Gobi town, blending Western elements with allegorical storytelling, painting a stark picture of fate and choices.

Caught by the Tides:

Jia Zhangke’s poetic film captures love amid China's societal shifts, utilizing musical montages to underscore its narrative, exploring modern transformation and cultural evolution.

The Count of Monte Cristo:

Pathé’s epic adaptation condenses Dumas’ classic tale into a sweeping adventure, anchored by Pierre Niney’s performance, offering a spectacle reminiscent of Hollywood’s golden age.


Carson Lund’s film celebrates camaraderie among middle-aged baseball players facing life changes, using nostalgia and sport to reflect on friendship and the passage of time.

Emilia Pérez:

Jacques Audiard’s bold exploration of Mexican cartel life through a musical lens, starring Karla Sofía Gascón, challenges gender norms and societal expectations with its daring narrative.

Ernest Cole: Lost and Found:

Raoul Peck’s documentary honors Ernest Cole’s apartheid-era photography, revealing South Africa’s harsh realities through powerful imagery and historical context.

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