9 Weird and Wonderful Animal Facts That Will Astonish You

The eternal jellyfish, Turritopsis dohrnii, is small and physiologically immortal. They inhabit tropical seas worldwide. They're one among the few creatures that can mature backwards, like a butterfly or frog.

Some jellyfish are immortal

The area of a dog s brain that detects different smells is around 40 times larger than in humans. This means that they pick up on way more scents than we do.

A dog s sense of smell is 40 times stronger

It may not seem like koalas and humans have much in common. Their fingerprints match ours if you examine their hands. Koalas are so similar that Australians worry they might taint crime scenes.

A koala's fingerprints are incredibly similar to our own

The rationale is straightforward. They needn't. Most species that can jump kangaroos, frogs, and monkeys did so to avoid predators. Elephants can stay secure with their size, formidable tusks

Elephants are the only land mammals that can t jump

As you might have guessed, everything sloths do is slow. Eating is no exception. Humans take between 12 to 14 hours to digest and eliminate waste. But when it comes to sloths, the whole process can take up to a leisurely 30 days!

It takes sloths up to a month to digest a single leaf

A crab's claw may scare predators, competitors, and prey. That's not enough for the ghost crab. They snarl at adversaries because of that. Growling conjures up images of dogs, lions, and other dangerous animals.

Some crabs have teeth inside their stomachs

The phrase you are what you eat couldn t be more true for flamingos. Their vibrant pink colour come from the algae and shrimp they eat. In reality, their feathers are actually light grey or white.

Flamingos are actually pale grey or white, not pink

Tiger skin is striped like their fur. Each tiger has distinct stripes, like our fingers. Same with domesticated cats. Tabbies, tortoises, and calicos have skin a brighter shade of their hair.

A tiger s skin is striped not just their fur!

Animal experts believe that otters have a whopping one million hairs on every square inch of skin.  What s more, their fur is made up of two layers and is perfectly designed to trap air !

Otters have the world's thickest coat