9 Things You Should Never Keep in Your Wallet

Social Security card

The most valuable asset to your identity is your Social Security card. It would be like leaving the front door open if you had it in your wallet. In the wrong hands, this little piece of paper can open the door to a host of personal and financial problems.

Passport card

Your passport card is useless for everyday use unless you're going abroad. Its existence in your wallet increases the danger of theft or loss needlessly.


Carrying checks is an outdated practice that adds needless risk in the age of digital payments. Anyone who recovers a misplaced checkbook can take advantage of it.

Too much cash

It makes sense to carry some cash, but carrying too much puts you at unnecessary risk. The money you lose if your wallet is stolen or lost is difficult to get back.

Business cards you don't use

Networking is important, but it is ineffective to always have a stack of business cards on you. Keep only cards that you really want to share or use.


Although receipts might not seem like much, a buildup in your wallet can cause clutter and jeopardize your privacy when it comes to money. Sensitive information is frequently contained on receipts, which might be misused if misplaced.

Birth certificate

A crucial document that needs to be kept safely at home is your birth certificate. It exposes it to needless wear and tear when it's in your wallet, and it creates opportunities for identity theft in the event of loss or theft.

Library or gym card

Keep your library or gym card out of your wallet unless you use it to check out books from the library and go to the gym every day. Keep them with you only when you know you'll need them.

 Unnecessary personal information

Things that are just asking for trouble are written Social Security numbers, PINs, and password lists.