9 Simple & Easy Skincare Tips For Women Over 30

Full makeup at work is unhealthy. Keeping chemical-rich cosmetics on the skin for 9-10 hours might cause skin issues because makeup particles can clog pores.

Avoid applying makeup every day

Pollution and other environmental causes can cause skin imperfections. Poor facial hygiene might cause skin issues.

Wash your face after coming back home

Every skincare routine needs sunscreen. Apply sunscreen before work and reapply every 3-4 hours. Also use sunblock during monsoon.

Don t skip sunscreen

Sleep deprivation is one of the worst things for your skin. Sleeping late and waking up early for work might cause health issues.

Get proper sleep

Consider following one at night. Studies reveal that your skin heals at night, therefore a nighttime regimen is beneficial.

Follow a nighttime skincare routine

Exfoliating removes dry skin, making it healthy and smooth. Exfoliate twice a week to see skin improvements. Your skin will shine and soften with regular exfoliation.

Exfoliate your skin

Try natural skincare instead of chemical-laden cosmetics. This therapy may temporarily brighten your skin but may harm it permanently.

Try chemical-free home remedies

Slower cell renewal in your 30s reduces your skin's capacity to battle inflammation, making it more likely to become oily, dry, and pimpled.

Micellar water

You may tone in the morning or evening, but most people prefer to tone in the evening so their skin can take up the nutrients overnight without makeup.