9 Of the best 50s hairstyles for a vintage feel

The Lifted Updo

Sandra Oh's red carpet updo adds height and detailing, capturing the '50s glamour with a modern twist. This elegant style is perfect for special occasions.

The Short Curly Bob

Halle Berry's asymmetric bob with finger waves showcases a vintage feel, highlighting her bone structure. A winning hairstyle for a chic, red carpet look.

The Long Hollywood Waves

Margot Robbie's long waves with a side parting offer a classic Hollywood vibe. This versatile style works for both chin-length and long hair.

The Rounded Bob

Kerry Washington's voluminous, rounded bob with a soft side fringe at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party brings a vintage '50s look to modern-day elegance.

The Twist

Emily Blunt's loose waves with a front twist channel the 1950s victory rolls. This hairstyle adds a vintage flair to any modern outfit.

The Side Parted Updo

Michelle Yeoh's glamorous side-swept updo with loose curls captures the essence of '50s elegance, making it a timeless red carpet favorite.

The Side Swept Waves

Zoe Saldana's loose, beachy waves with a classic side parting modernize the Golden Age of Hollywood style, adding a fresh, contemporary twist.

The Side Fringed High Ponytail

Gabrielle Union's high ponytail with a sleek side fringe evokes a Grease-inspired '50s vibe, blending retro and modern styles seamlessly.

The Loose Waves

Sienna Miller's very loose beachy waves provide a modern variation of a popular '50s hairstyle, easily replicable at home with a curling wand.