9 Marvelous Wavy and Curly Pixie Cut Ideas

Messy Pixie Bob for Short Wavy Hair: Very easy to style, this deva cut. If your hair isn't wavy, use curl enhancer and hot rollers or hairspray to style it.

3B Curly Pixie Cut for Brunettes: The bold pixie with voluminous ringlets is easy to style and wear. Allow the wind to flow through your curls and avoid using too much hairspray.

Natural Curly Pixie Cut with Low Undercut: This kind of curly pixie cut opens up the neck and face. For added vitality, tease the roots and tousle the curls.

Long Curly Pixie Cut with a Wispy Finish: With its abundance of wispy curls at the front, this light brown hair with a golden hue seems airier, yet it still has a bushy bottom.

Curly Pixie Cut with Color: You may sometimes add your preferred color to your extra-short, curly hair to make it seem more feminine. Violet? rosy? or just fair-haired? You get to decide.

Asymmetrical Curly Pixie Cut: Having one long side and one short side. Let a few hairs fall over the eyebrows. Face shapes like triangles and diamonds look well with this hairdo.

Short Curly Hair with Nape Undercut: This controls side and nape curls. Longer curly tops and crisp undercut bottoms are fashionable and low-maintenance.

Neat Pixie Cut for Curly Hair: Follow this lady's lead and have a crop trimmed close to the scalp for a tidy, low-maintenance style for tight curls.

Tapered Pixie Cut for Curly Hair: Beautiful front wild curls and nape undercut. These hairstyles are usually popular since they need less grooming and appear natural, feminine, and professional.