9 Kitchen Backsplash Ideas and Trends to Try Now

Mediterranean-Inspired Backsplash

These patterns, which feature geometric patterns and elaborate motifs in vibrant combinations, are inspired by the Mediterranean style and give your area a warm, inviting feel. 

Marble Veining Kitchen Backsplash

It's hardly surprising that marble will continue to be a popular option for kitchen backsplashes in 2024. Marble can give your kitchen a more upscale and opulent look, provide a subtle contrast to a color scheme.

Checkered Glossy Tiles

Checkered glossy tiles are a fantastic choice for people who value a classic yet modern appearance. These tiles have an enduring charm that skillfully combines traditional grace with modern appeal.

Star and Cross Tile Kitchen Backsplash

This distinctive and striking patterned design revitalizes your kitchen area and adds a whimsical touch to any kitchen, making it a true standout element.

Zellige Kitchen Backsplash

The use of zeldige tiles as a stunning option for kitchen backsplashes has been on the rise.

Colored Herringbone Kitchen Backsplash

Colored herringbone backsplashes add a modern twist to the classic herringbone pattern, bringing a dynamic flash of color and a feeling of contemporary elegance to your kitchen. 

Aged Porcelain Tiles

Old porcelain backsplash tiles have a classic charm that works well with a variety of kitchen design aesthetics, including farmhouse and bohemian.

Scalloped Tile Kitchen Backsplash

Scalloped tile backsplashes are the way to go if you're yearning for a little whimsical flair along the shore.

Vertical Tile Backsplash

Think of using a vertical tile pattern in your backsplash to give it a unique touch. This style produces a sophisticated look and provides a welcome change from the conventional horizontal layout.