9 Kids' Bedroom Ideas the Whole Family Will Love

Bring Fun to Soft Floors

Instead of an alphabet carpet, opt for a cushioned rug, bean bags, and fluffy throw pillows to create a warm and cozy room that your kids won't be able to resist.

Use Floor-to-Ceiling Wallpaper

Bold colors and patterns can make a statement in kids' bedrooms. Consider wallpapering the whole room to create a playful and less pronounced atmosphere.

Support Creative Expression

Incorporate your child's own doodles and sketches into the room's design, either through textiles or wallcoverings, to create a space that reflects their creativity.

Add Heirloom Furniture

Incorporate classic heirloom furniture into the room's design, paired with fun wallpaper to create a timeless yet playful space.

Plan for Sleepovers

Create a setup that invites sleepovers by incorporating bunk beds and built-in storage for a space-saving solution that can accommodate friends.

Space-Friendly Bed Stack

Consider custom triple-decker bunk beds for limited space, making the room multifunctional for sleeping, playing games, and watching television.

Hang Dress-Up Costumes

Keep dress-up costumes organized and on display with a pretty clothing rack in the playroom, paired with imaginative play structures.

Fun Front and Center

Design a curtained stage for music practice and spontaneous productions, adding drama to the room while absorbing noise with curtains and wall-to-wall carpeting.

Make a Book Nook

Create a dedicated space for reading in the playroom or bedroom, with a cozy daybed framed by a custom built-in bookshelf for the ideal reading spot.