9 Halibut Recipes for Flaky White Fish That Wows

Roasted Garlic and Parmesan Baked Halibut

Mayo and Parmesan may be used in this easy, family-friendly baked halibut dish to make it moist and tasty. Dinner is ready with blanched green beans.

Ceviche Verde With Pepitas

This baked tostada topping is flavored with a sharp and vibrant marinade of fresh lime juice, serrano chiles, cilantro, chopped onion, and salt. Add avocado slices before serving.

Chard-Wrapped Fish With Lemon and Olive

All your guests will feel like you gave them a present when you wrap these halibut packets.

Sour Cream and Onion Fish

To convert family members to fish, flavor the fillets like their favorite potato chips.

Roasted Niçoise Salad With Halibut

Jarred, marinated artichoke hearts roast crispily and are the highlight of this sheet-pan supper. It takes 45 minutes.

Fish Cakes With Caper-Parsley Sauce

Fish cakes with parsley caper sauce from Gourmet's February 2002 edition. Canned sardines, green onions, parsley, fresh lemon zest, and garlic enhance halibut taste.

Spring Pea Fish Chowder

Halibut is tenderized by briefly cooking it in the saucepan before serving. Use the finest clam juice for the broth.

Nashville Hot Halibut Sandwich

Chef Matty Matheson's Nashville hot fish sandwich starts with crispy fish fillets slathered in chile butter and smoky paprika, then onions, pickles, and cheese.


This versatile recipe will help you make Marseille's seafood stew with fresh halibut filets, turbot, grouper, or haddock. To continue the theme, end the night with French dessert.