9 Easiest Flowers to Grow for Blooms This Year

Its succulent leaves let it to withstand periods of drought, and its subdued hues are felicitous in the garden in late summer, when almost everything else has faded.


Catmint is adored by pollinators! Though compact, the most recent types maintain a lovely mounded form. Mint needs full light to thrive.


These vibrant annuals are simple to cultivate from seed; soak for a full night, then gently press a file on the seed to promote faster germination before planting.


Nasturtiums may be found as climbing vines or as bushes. Fun bonus: They provide a subtle peppery touch to salads and are edible. Nasturtiums need direct sunlight.


A must-have plant for patio planters is angelonia. It is rainbow-colored and requires no deadheading to bloom from spring to autumn. In mild areas, they need full sun.


These sweet annuals bloom all winter long in warm regions because their little faces can withstand minor frosts. Though violas are officially annuals, they produce an abundance of seeds


Your daylily may be split after a few years so you can plant it somewhere else in your yard or give some to friends. Daylilies need direct sunlight.


They are available in single or double blooms in every color you can imagine, from white to deep purple to salmon to hot pink. Calibrachoa need direct sunlight.


Heuchera, often known as coral bells, has delicate flower spikes that emerge in spring to midsummer along with ruffled leaves and colorful foliage.