9 Dog Breeds That Have Short Lifespans

Scottish Deerhound

Known as the “Royal Dog of Scotland,” this breed is lively in youth but mellows out with age. Regular exercise and mental stimulation are key to their well-being.


Renowned for their loyalty and strength, Rottweilers thrive in spacious, secure yards. They're devoted companions but can have high care costs.

Saint Bernard

Contrary to myths, Saint Bernards are affectionate giants famous for their rescue efforts. Watch for health issues like cancer and heart conditions.


Named for Canada's province, Newfoundlands excel in roles from rescue to therapy work. They're gentle giants known for loyalty and caregiving instincts.


A blend of strength and loyalty, Bullmastiffs make excellent protectors with a keen sense of smell. They're low-energy but need space to roam safely.

Great Dane

Gentle giants, Great Danes are beloved for their size and affectionate nature. They're loyal companions but prone to health issues like bloat.

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

Versatile workers, Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs excel in dog sports and as loyal guardians. They're robust but need physical and mental challenges.


The English Mastiff combines size with a gentle temperament. Known for their loyalty, they face health risks like bloat and cystinuria.

Bernese Mountain Dog

With a striking appearance and gentle demeanor, Bernese Mountain Dogs are beloved for their loyalty and love of children. Their short lifespan doesn't diminish their popularity.