9 Actors Who Quit When They Were on Top

Melissa McCarthy – Gilmore Girls

Before turning 30, Melissa faced constant rejection in acting. But fate intervened, and she landed the role of Sookie St. James in Gilmore Girls, changing her life forever.

Jacob Elordi – Euphoria

Living in his car with dwindling finances, Jacob was on the brink of giving up. Then, he snagged the role of Nate Jacobs in Euphoria, leading to a remarkable turnaround.

Laverne Cox – Orange is the New Black

Struggling with debt and contemplating quitting acting, Laverne's audition for OITNB marked a turning point, propelling her to become the first openly trans Emmy-nominated actress.

John Krasinski – The Office

After almost quitting acting, John's perseverance paid off when he landed the iconic role of Jim Halpert in The Office, defying his mother's initial doubts.

Robert Pattinson – Twilight

Despite setbacks, Robert's persistence led to his breakthrough as Edward Cullen in Twilight, despite a disastrous audition that almost made him quit.

Brie Larson – United States of Tara

Doubts plagued Brie's acting journey until she clinched the role in United States of Tara, kickstarting her successful career and proving her talent.

Will Smith – The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Struggling with debt after initial success, Will's transition to TV with The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air revived his career and set him on the path to stardom.

Max Greenfield – New Girl

Considering quitting acting for family life, Max's audition for New Girl reignited his passion, leading to acclaimed performances and award nominations.

Hong Chau – Downsizing

Despite contemplating quitting numerous times, Hong's breakthrough role in Downsizing catapulted her career to new heights, proving perseverance pays off.