9 Activities Every Dog Will Love

The Wildest tells us that dogs love going for walks because it allows them to meet other dogs, get some exercise, sniff around, and for a bunch.

Going for a Hike

Who hasn’t seen dogs in the park going crazy for a game of fetch? There aren’t many dogs in the world who don’t love to run after a tennis ball or a frisbee.

Playing Fetch

Many breeds of dogs pride themselves in their agility and want to try out new things in order to practice and explore their skills. 

Agility Training

Going to the dog park is a dream day out for any dog. It gives them the chance to get some fresh air and socialize with other dogs.

Visiting a Dog Park

On the subject of playing with water, many dogs love to jump around and play in the snow or the rain, too. You could try taking your dog.

Playing in the Snow or Rain

Many dogs love to ride in a boat or canoe as it gives them a chance to be close to the water without being exhausted from swimming too much. 

Taking a Boat Trip

One time, try pitching a tent and spend the night under the stars with your dog. They’ll appreciate the time spent outdoors, and it could turn.


You could also try exploring your local market so that you can let your dog experience new sights and smells. Some of these markets even have particular.

Visiting a Farmer’s Market

Another water activity that your dog just might fall in love with is paddleboarding, for similar reasons to why they’d love boating.