8 WFH Outfits That Can Boost Your Productivity

The bomber jacket blends '80s cool with structured elegance, enhancing any outfit with shoulder definition and a streamlined silhouette, perfect for both casual settings and unexpected video calls.

Bomber Jacket

Reviving retro charm, the sweater vest offers warmth without bulk, featuring a V-neck that elongates the neck and adds a touch of intellectual chic to your wardrobe staples.

Sweater Vest

An epitome of easy elegance, the cotton T-shirt dress combines simplicity with versatility. Its breathable fabric ensures comfort while offering a blank canvas for endless accessorizing.

Cotton T-Shirt Dress

These versatile pants are essential for WFH comfort. With an adjustable waistband and tapered leg design, they blend flexibility with style, ensuring you stay comfortable and chic throughout the day.

Tie-String Pants

A classic polo shirt exudes casual professionalism. Its structured collar draws attention to the face, making it a go-to choice for looking polished and engaged during video calls or casual meetings.

Polo Shirt

Embrace cozy comfort with a chunky knit sweater that feels like a warm hug. Its thick fabric adds flattering bulk, ensuring you stay stylish and snug in any setting.

Chunky Knit Sweater

White jeans bring a crisp, fresh aesthetic to your WFH wardrobe. The light color brightens your look while the denim material offers comfort and structure, perfect for staying stylish.

White Jeans

Ideal for warmer days, lounge shorts combine comfort with a polished look. They elongate the legs and provide the ease needed for staying productive while maintaining a relaxed yet put-together appearance.

Lounge Shorts