8 Ways to Look Younger, According to Experts

The sun isn't the sole determinant in skin appearance, although it plays a big part. UVA and UVB radiation from the sun cause 90% of skin aging. 

Stay out of the sun

Hydrate your skin to keep it appearing fresh. Drinking 2 liters of water daily is advised. Depriving your skin of water can cause dry, damaged skin that lasts.


We all know that you are what you eat and this is true for your skin. Eating greasy takeout and fatty foods may harm your skin. 

Balanced Diet

Cleansing your skin frequently removes debris and crud that can clog pores and cause blackheads. 

Skin Care Routine

Your body doesn't run 24/7. Rest and energy regeneration are needed. Rest well and maintain a healthy sleep routine.


Use a decent moisturizer to enhance skin cells and hydration. Apply moisturizer in the morning and before bed. 


To breathe, skin and pores require air. Makeup and false tans are like pillows on your skin. Allow your skin to breathe while you're not working or traveling. 

Makeup Removal

Take time to unwind today. To relieve stress-related tension and strain, it will benefit your skin and body. Enjoy facials and spa treatments.