8 USA States So Expensive They Are Not Worth Moving To


Vermont tops the quality of life rankings but faces soaring home prices, up 20% in a year, driven by increased demand and limited supply.

Rhode Island

Rhode Island grapples with soaring energy prices, with natural gas costs up 60% and home prices above the national average, impacting residents' cost of living.


Connecticut faces escalating energy and food costs, with monthly energy bills in Stamford double that of neighboring states and a 60% higher bread price than in Michigan.


Maryland experiences surging food costs, particularly outside Washington, DC, with steak prices 40% higher and ground beef 50% pricier compared to national averages.


Alaska's limited farmland and reliance on imports lead to high food prices, while rising inflation exacerbates the state's expensive living conditions.


Oregon grapples with an 18% spike in housing prices, causing rents to soar, with Portland's apartment rents more than double those in Pittsburgh.


Massachusetts faces escalating food, energy, and housing prices, with natural gas heating in Boston up over 40% and dairy products over 15% higher than the national average.


California's chronic housing shortage drives up home prices, with a 2,400 square foot home in San Francisco costing around $1.4 million, exacerbating the state's affordability crisis.