8 Tips for protecting your tweens' and teens' tresses

Keep it simple

Teens and tweens usually only need to clean and condition their hair once a week. If they want to keep it healthy and looking great, they might also use a leave-in conditioner or detangler.

Know which ingredients to avoid

Traditional hair care treatments include various chemicals that damage hair at any age. Sulfates, which strip hair and scalp of natural oils needed for healthy, moisturized hair.

Don t upset your hormones

Avoid upsetting your hormones, which are already surging at this time. Toxic ingredients in hair care products can disrupt tweens' and teens' hormonal development.

Get regular trims

Regularly cutting your hair helps prevent split ends and preserves the quality and suppleness of your hair. Cutting your hair also helps prevent hair loss.

Wash hair with cool or lukewarm water

When you use hot water, it removes all of the moisture from your scalp and hair, which may lead to hair that is dry and brittle as well as a scalp that is dry and itchy.

Skip the heat styling or use a heat protectant.

One usage of blow dryers, straighteners, curling irons or wands, and other heat styling products may harm hair. Unprotected hair may become dry, split, and discolored.

Embrace your natural color and texture

Chemical treatments such as bleaching, dying, perming, and straightening can damage your scalp and hair and have a negative impact on the quality and health of new hair growth.

Maintain a healthy, nutrient-dense diet

It s important to consume plenty of fruits, veggies, and healthy fats. When it comes to snacks, choose nuts over potato chips. Nuts are packed with essential fatty acids