8 States with a High Presence of Tarantulas


Death Valley and other California coastal and desert locations are home to the California ebony tarantula (Aphonopelma eutylenum). Tarantulas can grow to the size of a softball.


Arizona has around 20 tarantula species, making it famous. In Arizona, the blonde tarantula with its golden hairs is common. The Mexican redknee tarantula, which lives in rocky crevices, is red and black.


Everything is bigger in Texas, including tarantulas. One of the most famous burrowing tarantulas is the Texas brown. Tawny cursor tarantulas like to hide behind rocks.

New Mexico

New Mexico has a diverse tarantula population, including the zebra and New Mexico. Black and white striped legs like a gothic zebra make the zebra tarantula intriguing.


Oklahoma has several intriguing tarantulas. Its enormous leg span makes the Oklahoma brown tarantula one of the largest in the region. One of the smallest US tarantulas, the dwarf, is also here.


Besides Las Vegas, Nevada is home to the Nevada tarantula. This desert inhabitant prefers tunnels and is shy. While walking in the desert at night, you may see these rare spiders.


The Colorado tarantula thrives at 5,000 9,000 feet. Shorter hair helps these tarantulas conserve heat in the cooler alpine atmosphere than desert ones. Hikers are surprised by their sightings on mountain trails.


Florida's warm beaches have their own tarantula species. Tunneling Florida Keys curly-haired tarantulas prefer to stay hidden. Beachgoers may relax because it is rarely seen despite its unique moniker.