8 Pretty Plants That Only Need A Little Bit Of Water To Propagate

Blanket Flower

Often found growing on beach dunes in pure sand. Varieties include 'Sunset Celebration' (red and yellow, fade-resistant) and 'Mesa Yellow' (sunny petals, golden center). Grows 14 to 16 inches tall and wide.

Summer Snapdragon

Thrives in summer heat. Comes in upright and trailing forms with blooms in blue, purple, lavender, red, pink, or white. Requires occasional deadheading. Attracts butterflies, deters deer.

Globe Amaranth

Easy to grow, producing clover-like blooms in pink, purple, white, orange, and red. Great for cut flowers as they hold color when dried. Varieties include 'Strawberry Fields' (grows up to 2 feet) and 'Buddy'.

Ornamental Purslane

Features succulent, paddle-shaped leaves and flowers in red, orange, peach, yellow, or white. Flowers open in the morning, close in the evening. Ideal for hanging baskets and edging flower borders.


Known for continuous color with minimal care. Flowers come in rounded clusters with colors like yellow, orange, red, pink, peach, and white. Attracts butterflies, no deadheading needed.

Butterfly Bush

Fast-growing shrub with pink, purple, yellow, or white flowers that attract pollinators. Can go a couple of weeks without water once established. Provides color from spring through summer.


Thrives in summer heat, requires minimal watering. Native to the Mediterranean. Fragrant perennial that is ideal for garden beds and needs watering only during prolonged drought.

Purple Coneflower

Tall flowers that add color all summer long. Easy to grow in most soils, drought-resistant. Attracts pollinators. Deadhead to encourage new growth, or leave for seeds to attract finches.