8 Pantry Staples Chefs Can't Live Without

Maldon Salt

Due of its flexibility, chefs worldwide love this flaky salt. Salt is essential in almost every savory or sweet dish she makes.


A bag of dates may be used as a garnish, snack, or major component in several dishes. Since dates and almonds are strong in fiber and natural sweeteners can be used to pastries.

Stone-Ground Polenta

The polenta might be a little coarser than what some people are used to, and it takes a while to cook, but it's so corny and deeply flavored


A pinch of MSG here and there is an amazing and surefire way to add flavor and unlock umami in your dishes.

Worcestershire Sauce

Home cooks and professional chefs love Worcestershire sauce for its sour, rich, and umami qualities. This sauce seasons everything, even a can of tuna.

Bay Leaves

In home cuisine, dried leaves are useful. Santibanez claims bay leaves aromatize ground meat, turkey, soups, etc. It gives your food a lovely scent.

Virgin Olive Oil

High-quality extra virgin olive oil has a lot of taste and a pleasant texture at room temperature due to monounsaturated fatty acids.


Though cooks know that anchovies are a pantry staple, tinned fish is having a moment. Quality anchovies like Cantabrian are essential.