8 Mysterious Places In The US That Experts Can't Explain

RMS Queen Mary, California

This ocean liner, now a hotel and restaurant in Long Beach, has a rich history. It carried Hollywood stars, served as a WWII troopship, and is believed to be haunted by spirits, including a murdered crew member.

LaLaurie Mansion, Louisiana

New Orleans is spooky and spiritual, especially this Creole mansion in the French Quarter. Owned by Madame LaLaurie, it hid horrors. After a fire in 1834, police found tortured slaves. LaLaurie fled, but some say their ghosts still scream.

Eternal Flame Falls, New York

Eternal Flame Falls in Chestnut Ridge Park is a unique waterfall with a small grotto where a flame burns. Fueled by natural methane gas, the flame sometimes goes out but is relit by visitors.

Marfa, Texas

For almost 140 years, people have been baffled by the Marfa lights, mysterious orbs seen at night in Texas. They might be ghosts, UFOs, or car lights. Marfa celebrates them yearly at the Marfa Lights Festival.

Cathedral Rock, Arizona

The red rocks of Sedona are stunning and thought to be a vortex of healing energy. Near Cathedral Rock, electromagnetic energy flows, boosting meditation and spiritual wellness. It's a truly beautiful place.

Bodie, California

Bodie is a real ghost town, once a gold-mining site, now a state park. People believe it's haunted, with spirits in old buildings and the cemetery. Taking items from Bodie is said to bring bad luck.

Red Onion Saloon, Alaska

Skagway's Red Onion Saloon, now a bar and restaurant, was once a brothel for gold miners. Today, it also has a brothel museum and is said to be haunted by the ghost of Madam Lydia.

Crescent Hotel, Arkansas

Perched on an Ozark ridge, Eureka Springs' famous 1886 hotel is dubbed America's most haunted. It was once a luxury resort, conservatory, college, and a hospital run by a fake doctor.