8 Most Remarkable And Challenging Hiking Trails in the USA

Zion National Park, Utah – Angels Landing Hike:

A thrilling and challenging hike known for its steep switchbacks and narrow ridge trail, Angels Landing offers breathtaking views of Zion Canyon. Due to its popularity, a permit is now required to reach the top.

Mount Rainier National Park, Washington – Wonderland Trail:

Encircling Mount Rainier, the Wonderland Trail is a 93-mile loop through forests, meadows, and alpine terrain. Hikers need to assess their skills and abilities before embarking on this strenuous hike.

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado – Longs Peak:

Longs Peak is a challenging 14,259-foot peak known for its rugged terrain and panoramic views. After the climb, relax at the Estes Park / Rocky Mountain National Park KOA Holiday.

Glacier National Park, Montana – Grinnell Glacier Trail:

Leading to a vanishing glacier, the Grinnell Glacier Trail offers stunning views of lakes and meadows. Consider taking the shuttle boats across Swiftcurrent Lake and Lake Josephine to shorten the hike.

Yosemite National Park, California – Half Dome Hike:

Famous for its cable-assisted final ascent and spectacular views of Yosemite Valley, the Half Dome hike requires permits available through a lottery system.

Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming – Grand Teton Summit:

Climbing Grand Teton offers stunning views of the Teton Range. After the climb, relax at the Jackson Hole/Snake River KOA.

Mount Hood National Forest, Oregon – Timberline Trail:

Circling Mount Hood, the Timberline Trail offers challenging terrain and stunning views of glaciers and alpine landscapes.

Banff National Park, Alberta – Lake Louise to Lake Agnes Hike:

Taking you to the charming Lake Agnes Tea House, this hike offers handmade cakes and a variety of loose-leaf tea. KOA campgrounds within a few hours' drive offer convenient stays.