8 Lovely Layered Haircuts for Long Hair

Long hairstyles for ladies with layers are plentiful. Layers of varied lengths may give structure to your hair; envision them bouncing with every step.

Multiple Layers in Long Hair.

This long hair appears lightweight and free-spirited with untidy layers, feathery ends, and a golden blonde balayage. It has depth around the head and throughout the length.

Shaggy Long Hair with Layers and Balayage.

New style for thick hair this year. Choppy layers from your hairdresser will sculpt those luxuriant strands.

Mid-Back Layered Hair.

Though the final hairstyles might range greatly, feathering works equally well for thick and thin hair!

Long Feathered Hair.

Cutting lengthy layers is now the greatest trend in long hair. After adding some lovely highlights, just curl the ends.

Swoopy Feathered Layers with Balayage.

Layers applied skillfully by a skilled hairdresser may enhance the appearance of both thick and thin hair. Your thick, long, layered hair will seem light and dynamic if you curl the ends to give movement, depth, and volume.

Long Layers for Coarse Hair.

This long-layered haircut is sweet and sophisticated for real women. The U-cut adds thickness and chocolate brown hue will make everyone want it.

Brown U-Cut with Flipped-Up Layers.

For a sophisticated, wind-swept effect, comb your hair back and create subtle waves if you want to add some volume to your big event haircut.

Long Layered Hair with Light Waves.