8 Hairstyles That Make You Look Older Than You Are

Tight, stiff hairdos

According to Soe Kabbabe, senior editor of All Things Hair and style expert, an out-of-date hairdo may quickly age a person, as she tells Best Life.

Blunt, short haircuts

These days, short hair is more in style, but use caution. Certain shorter hairstyles can make you appear older, especially if you have thicker-than-average hair, claims Kabbabe.

Extremely long hair

However, having long hair might sometimes make you appear older than you would like to be.

Thick and blunt bangs

For Kabbabe, bangs can be a really smart technique to change your hair in a fashionable way.

Thin and short bangs

"The same rule applies to short and thin styles," adds Kabbabe in the meantime. A wispy bang can also make you look older, she warns, since they "tend to emphasize the lack of volume on thin hair."

Flat hair

According to Kabbabe, nothing ages you more quickly than a thin, flat hairdo.

Teased hair

However, don't push yourself too hard to avoid having flat hair. Kabbabe cautions that teasing is a very ancient fashion that can also make you appear older.

Wispy layers

"These tend to look older than you, particularly if your natural hair is thinning."