8 Grocery Stores With the Best Rotisserie Chicken

The Smart and Final rotisserie chicken is sure to get fantastic reviews if you're looking for the best.

Smart and Final First Street Chicken

Seasoning parsley, onion, and garlic makes all the difference. While all rotisserie chickens are seasoned, this one tastes seasoned. 

Sprouts Herb Seasoned Roasted Chicken

The tasty Safeway rotisserie chicken comes from doing both, which may change your mind if you generally eat around the skin. 

Safeway Cafe Traditional Whole Roasted Chicken

Walmart's sales are over half made up of groceries, including fruit, dairy, meat, and deli items like its inexpensive rotisserie chicken. 

Walmart Freshness Guaranteed Traditional Rotisserie Chicken

Costco's greatest seller has been controversial, but Sam's Club reviews are constant.

Sam s Club Member s Mark Seasoned Rotisserie Chicken

Publix is known for its subs and sandwiches, but it also deals in chicken. 

Publix Deli Original Oven Roasted Chicken

 It only requires chicken, salt, and pepper, but Whole Foods buyers are more concerned about what's not in their food. 

Whole Foods Classic Rotisserie Chicken

Besides being cheap, it's huge and flavored with salt. Each bird is roughly three pounds, plenty for a week of lunches or an inexpensive family meal.

Costco Kirkland Seasoned Rotisserie Chicken