8 Celebrities Who Are Afraid to Leave Their Houses

Johnny Depp's Agoraphobia

Johnny Depp battles severe anxiety and agoraphobia, making it tough for him to leave his home. His fear of public spaces has grown stronger over time.

Barbra Streisand's Fear of Public Places

Barbra Streisand's stage fright extends to public places, causing her to avoid leaving her house whenever possible. Performing outside intensifies her anxiety.

Kim Basinger's Homebound Struggles

Kim Basinger openly discusses her agoraphobia, which makes stepping outside a daunting task. This fear significantly affects her daily life.

Donny Osmond's Panic Attacks

Donny Osmond suffers from anxiety and panic attacks, making it difficult for him to leave his home. Crowded places exacerbate his condition.

Emma Stone's Childhood Panic

Emma Stone's severe panic attacks since childhood often lead her to stay home. Her anxiety impacts her ability to make public appearances.

Sarah Jessica Parker's Anxiety

Sarah Jessica Parker deals with anxiety related to public spaces, making it challenging for her to venture outside. Crowds overwhelm her constantly.

Megan Fox's Social Anxiety

Megan Fox struggles with social anxiety, often keeping her at home. The pressure of public scrutiny makes leaving her house difficult.

Michael Jackson's Fear of Crowds

Michael Jackson had a profound fear of crowds and public spaces, often choosing to stay home to avoid overwhelming anxiety and public scrutiny.