8 Best Clam Chowder Spots in New England

Famous for its creamy, clam-packed chowder served since 1981 at presidential inaugurations, available for online order. (Clam Chowder Bowl: 510 calories)

Legal Sea Foods

Known for its fresh clams from its own oyster farm in East Matunuck, R.I., serving both creamy and Rhode Island broth chowders since 2009.

Matunuck Oyster Bar

Located in Mystic, Conn., led by James Beard nominee Renee Toupounce, offers classic and Rhode Island-style chowders with quahog clams, salt pork, and potatoes.

Oyster Club

With locations in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, this seafood chain offers classic creamy clam chowder with clams and bacon, served with house-made saltines.

Row 34

Award-winning restaurant in Boston and Portland, Maine, known for oysters, lobster rolls, and creamy clam chowder with salt pork and potatoes.


Casual New England chain with 12 locations serving fresh daily clam chowder with sea clams, potatoes, onions, butter, and light cream, unchanged for 70 years.

Kelly's Roast Beef

New Boston seafood restaurant acclaimed for its fresh dishes, including classic New England clam chowder with Berkshire pork belly and chive oil.

The Banks Fish House

Waterfront restaurant in Wells, Maine, dating back to 1979, known for its rich clam chowder with butter, cream, milk, clams, and potatoes.

Billy's Chowder House