7 Times Carrie Underwood Gave Us Major Hair Inspiration

Scrunched Curls

Since winning American Idol, the country artist has obviously changed from her finale appearance of crumpled, barely layered long hair.

Layered Medium-Length Cut

A few months after winning American Idol, Underwood layered her hair and lightened it to buttery blonde. She like big-barreled curls in this layered look.

Side-Swept Bangs and Layers

The beauty started her on-and-off fling with bangs a few years after American Idol with 2000s-trendy swooping side-swept bangs.

Tapered Bangs

For balance, Underwood cut her side-swept bangs shorter and added layers to her hair before going blunt. The result: delicate tapered bangs.

Full Wispy Bangs

She briefly wore full bangs later that year. Despite her public statements that she doesn't wear blunt bangs, this 2008 stint gave us a rare look!

Deep Side Part

Instead of full bangs, Underwood returned to her favored side-swept fringe and added volume to her medium-length hairdo.

Flirty Lob

The country artist cut her distinctive long hair into a thick, soft bob with lengthy layers weeks before announcing her engagement to NHL player Mike Fisher.