7 Sweetest Dogs with Curly Tails


Basenjis are petite (16–17 inches at the shoulder) and marked by their tightly coiled tail, almond-shaped eyes, sharp ears, and wrinkled foreheads.


Pomeranians may have two dozen fur colors, although their hair is usually orange or red. Despite their size, these tiny gentlemen are trainable, attentive watchdogs

Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu, an ancient Japanese breed, were superb hunters. Due to their enthusiasm and confidence, they are Japan's most popular companion dog.


Another curly-tailed Japanese breed. Akitas represent health, happiness, and longevity in Japan. They balance their big heads and massive bodies with curled tails.


Pugs may now be identified by their curly tails as well as their smushed faces. With their wide eyes and wrinkled foreheads, this little yet strong species can mimic human emotions

Finnish spitz

The Finnish spitz is a tiny yet fearless hunting dog that makes a wonderful guard dog. Beautiful, thick, golden-red fur gives them a shine.


Keeshonds are clever dogs with coloring around their eyes that resembles expert eyeliner. Dutch-born keeshonden are national symbols.