7 Spots You Forget To Apply Sunscreen


Lips lack sebaceous glands for moisture and melanin for UV protection, making them prone to burns. Apply and reapply sunscreen, especially after sweating or swimming.


Ears, often exposed to the sun, need sunscreen all over, including behind and up to the canal. Unprotected ears can be tough to treat if cancer develops.


Skin cancer can appear on eyelids and corners of the eyes. Apply sunscreen to your face, wear sunglasses, and a hat to protect your eyes from UV rays.


Hands face UV exposure daily. Sunscreen often rubs or washes off. Reapply frequently and cover exposed areas, especially when driving.

Back of the Neck

Apply sunscreen to any exposed neck area, especially if you're wearing a cap. Use a broad-brimmed hat for better protection.


Feet are frequently sunburned. Apply sunscreen to them, especially when wearing sandals, as they're often exposed to UV rays.


People with less hair need scalp protection, but even those with hair should protect the part line. Women are particularly at risk if they don't wear hats.

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