7 Small Kitchen Ideas Make Most of a Tight Space

Take Advantage of Height

Increase storage by utilizing vertical space with high upper cabinets and floating shelves, as shown in a narrow city apartment by Martin Moore Design.

Add Playful Tile

Enhance visual interest in a small kitchen with patterned tiles like gray hexagons, as demonstrated in a design by Sophia Hardy for Sophia at Home.

Choose Fun Accessories

Maximize style in limited space by displaying attractive kitchen gadgets and accessories on countertops, as seen in Cynthia Moreno's design for Hot Pink Pineapples.

Sneak in Storage

Incorporate hidden storage solutions such as niches in a stone oven backsplash, blending functionality with aesthetics, as depicted by Artichoke Design.

Select Streamlined Finishes

Opt for minimalist design elements like slab-front cabinetry and no backsplash to maintain simplicity and elegance, a strategy highlighted by Johnston Parke Interiors.

Illuminate Your Space

Brighten up a small kitchen with layered lighting including can lights, shelf lighting, and interior cabinet lights, as exemplified in a design by Bakes & Kropp.

Make Most of Every Inch

Overcome challenging layouts with custom cabinet designs that maximize space utilization, demonstrated in a project by Polly Ashman Interiors.