7 Small Cat Breeds That Make Perfect Tiny Pets

Known for being the smallest cat breed, averaging around 5 pounds. They have large ears, eyes, and a striped tabby pattern. Friendly, energetic, and great with families and other pets.


Also known as the Minuet, Napoleons weigh between 5 and 9 pounds. They are fluffy with a rounded appearance, suitable for families and known for their dwarf breed origins.


Recognized for its short legs and longer body, weighing 6 to 9 pounds. Affectionate, playful, and social with other cats and dogs, but caution needed due to their low jumping ability.


Sleek and elegant, Cornish Rex cats weigh between 5 and 10 pounds. They have curly fur and are known for being active, playful, and having good appetites.

Cornish Rex

Slightly smaller than the Cornish Rex, weighing 5 to 9 pounds. Known for their childlike looks, mischievous temperament, and social nature, making them great for families.

Devon Rex

Weighing between 5 and 8 pounds, known for their ears that curl backward. Playful, affectionate, and available in various colors and coat lengths.

American Curl

Recognized by its folded ears, weighing 6 to 13 pounds. Gentle, affectionate, and intelligent, suitable for families with its calm demeanor.

Scottish Fold